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“This dark fairy tale has plenty of curb appeal for a wide range of fantasy, time-travel, and alternate-reality fans.” —Booklist

August 5, 2013: The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic will be published by Pamela Dorman Books/Viking. You can pre-order the book using the links on the right.

“A clever and scrumptious debut fantasy, the kind you happily disappear into for days.” —Kelly Link, author of Pretty Monsters and Magic for Beginners

Poet Sally Rosen Kindred tells The Stanza what inspired her new chapbook, Darling Hands, Darling Tongue (Hyacinth Girl Press, 2013):

The idea began when I read J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan and Wendy to my boys. Though I felt close to the story, I’d never read the complete version, and it surprised me. I remarked on-line about Tinker Bell’s coarse language and violent tendencies (which I found oddly endearing), and Emily Croy Barker (whose wonderful novel, The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic, is due out this August!) said, “Somebody should write a pomo novel about Tinkerbell as a misunderstood roundheels.”

I thought that was one of the most fabulous ideas I’d ever heard.

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