SOME OF THE UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTERS that you’ll meet in The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic. To find out how to pronounce their names, click on the audio links.


The magician Aruendiel, also known as Lord Aruendiel of the Uland, also known as the Black Wizard. Innovator in real magic. A checkered history with women.



Nora Fischer, lately a graduate student in English literature, more recently a fairy princess, still more recently a cook in Aruendiel’s castle and his pupil in magic.


Former witch priestess of Holy Sister Night, now a formidable magician, thanks to Aruendiel’s tutelage. A little too attached to her pet ghost-demon, the Kavareen.



Not exactly the beneficent heiress/fashion designer/impresario that Nora first takes her for. Queen of the Faitoren. Aruendiel’s ex.



Ilissa’s son, prince of the Faitoren, and the man of Nora’s dreams. That’s before she encounters his less charming side.


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